Outreach Crusades

Joshua travels throughout Liberia and West Africa preaching the gospel to the lost. He goes into the worst ghettos like West Point in Monrovia, bringing light into a dark place. A place that most people fear to go, but a place where Joshua is known and respected. Many have heard the word of God and accepted Jesus as their savior, because of his great love for his people.

All Joshua has to do is put up some posters where he will be preaching, set up a sound system and he will draw a crowd of hundreds. The people are so hungry for the love of God, and a message of hope.
Joshua doesn’t want to stop there. He has a special place in his heart for the people of the ghetto. Eventually when he has the facility to house them, Joshua will take as many as are willing from the ghetto to go through his rehabilitation and training program. When Joshua opened Liberia’s Hope he was heart broken when more than 200 men and woman wanted to be a part of Liberia’s Hope and he only had room for 18 young men.