Liberia’s Hope was founded by Joshua Blahyi to change the lives of ex-child soldiers- young men who, at ages as young as 7 or 8, were taken and forced to fight in Liberia’s civil war. Many of their parents were killed. Their rebel leaders loaded them with drugs and weaponry to make them fearless fighters. Until the end of the war their lives consisted of drugs and death.

At the end of the war, abandoned by their rebel leaders, they had no where to go. The stigma of the child soldier caused them to be rejected by society and even their own families. Alone and traumatized, they found their way to the ghetto where they survived day to day on what they could steal. Addicted to drugs and suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, they are without hope.

Liberia’s Hope was established to give hope to these young men. Joshua has taken eighteen former child soldiers from the ghetto and given them a home, and hope. Something they haven’t had for years. They have gone through a detox process and are now drug free. They have three meals a day, but more importantly, they have love. Joshua is Daddy to these wonderful young men. They are learning to be a family. They face daily struggles living in such close quarters with each young man coming from different tribes and gangs they had been coerced into joining to get by in the ghetto. However, in spite of these obstacles, they are becoming brothers!

Before leaving the home, the boys will go through a complete rehabilitation program. They will be given an education, which they did not receive since schools were closed when war broke out. They will also receive training for a trade in order to have the necessary tools to support themselves after being rehabilitated in the program. Liberia’s Hope is giving these young men hope for their future. By changing their lives the future of Liberia will in turn be changed.

It is our goal to eventually build two homes on land that was donated to Joshua, one that will house young men, and one that will house young women from the ghetto. We will also have a staff home, training center, and a garden with chickens for the boys to raise as much of their own food as possible while also teaching them responsibility and self reliance. So far eighteen young men have received the opportunity for a new life, but with your loving support many more lives can be changed. Your donations to this project will help make this a reality.