Sanniquellie Crusade

The Krahn tribe have a history of war with the Gio and Mano tribe from Nimba, we inherited the hatred during the Doe led government we activated the hatred that continue through the 14 years war, of the thousands that lost their lives through me, the Nimbanian were the highest victims. Even now, when a Krahn person is passing through Nimba, there is fear until they get out, I was invited to their capital city, Sanniquellie, for a week long Crusade, every body who love me, including pastors were not sure I should come, I was to be there on Monday Feb 29,2016 but the advice of my friends and family and well wishers, made me almost cancel my coming, but when I thought how I give them my word, and the Church reputation and the money they spent for publicity, I trusted the Lord to lead me. To my astonishment the whole building was full and additional seats was placed outside and people standing all around the building. When I was introduced the claps and standing ovation was overwhelming for me to the extent that I could not say a word but was wondering how God works, and then I realized that indeed, Heaven is a Place where no one will remember hurts, Steven will not remember that Paul was the one who program his painful death by stoning, and that was how I started my ministrations, when I broke my 3 minutes silence, I said, is this how Heaven will be, then it is the place I wish for my worst enemies, if only the thought of Heaven can make you to welcome me this way, then Heaven is the where the solution of Earth is, and the presence of God fill the place and I will never forget this night.